Boost Sales and Conversions with a Digital Sales Assistant

Use Digital humans to redefine your retail experience, offering a unique and interactive shopping experience that your customers love.
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Boost Leads   with a Digital Real Estate Agent

Use digital humans to provide a tailored experience for customers looking to rent or buy properties

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Increase customer satisfaction and conversions by utilising digital humans

Your Personalised AI chatbot will be designed to help guide your customer through your sales process, personalising each experience and driving increased conversions.

Personalised shopping

Your digital human can assist customers with product selection, provide personalized recommendations, and offer styling advice, creating a more engaging and tailored shopping experience.

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

By incorporating digital humans into marketing campaigns, property developers can create engaging content that showcases properties in a unique and immersive way, attracting more potential buyers.

Enhanced Customer Support

Your digital humans offer 24/7 customer support, helping customers with order tracking, returns, and any other inquiries, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Powerful use cases, pre-built to solve your challenges.

Retail & Online shopping

Revolutionize your online store with our cutting-edge digital human technology. Elevate customer engagement, optimise product recommendations, and create a personalized shopping experience that sets new standards.

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Step into the future of real estate. Our digital human solutions redefine how you interact with potential buyers, streamline property operations, and enhance communication.

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Banking & Finance

Round-the-clock support for account inquiries, transaction assistance, and personalized financial advice. Reduce wait times, and boost customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked Questions

Can I upload my own knowledge base?

Yes, you can easily upload your knowledge base to your digital human. You can do this by either uploading links to your online knowledge base or documents. Once done, your Digital Human AI will be trained on the provided knowledge.

Can I upload my own FAQs?

Yes, you can easily upload your own FAQs via the sources page. This will train your digital human/chatbot to respond with your desired answer to your most frequent questions.Can I get the digital human to book meetings for me? Yes, you can easily upload your Calendly link for the digital human to prompt users to book a meeting with you once the AI believes a user is ready to book a demo.

Can I teach the digital human about my own website?

Yes, you can teach your digital human about your website simply by uploading a link to your website. This will prompt the AI to download and read all of the material found on your websites. Once done, it will provide tailored responses to any questions about your products or services found on your website.

Can I integrate my digital human with other third-party apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or CRMs?

For now, we don't have integrations with third-party apps. We plan to bring third-party integrations into future releases.

Can I integrate the digital human on my own website?

Yes, our digital human/chatbot can be embedded onto any website with a snippet of code. This includes Webflow, WordPress, Wix, and all other website builders. Simply copy the embeddable code into the header of your website to implement our digital human/chatbot.

Can I customize the appearance of the Digital Human chatbot?

Yes, you can choose from a range of virtual humans. If you require a customized digital human, reach out to our team, and we can create one specifically for you.

How does the Digital Human chatbot work?

The Digital Human chatbot integrates a blend of specific knowledge uploaded by the user, plus ChatGPT (or other LLMs) to understand and respond to user queries. It uses natural language processing to provide dynamic and contextually relevant interactions. If a user asks a question, it will first search your uploaded knowledge for a matching response or answer, and if it can't find any, it will respond with a ChatGPT-generated response. This ensures that the digital human responds in the most human-like behavior, enhancing customer service and personalization.

Can I customize the workflows of the Digital human chatbot?

At this moment, the digital human chatbot doesn’t allow for any workflow customization. We will be working to bring this functionality online with a later release.

Can I change the icon/color of the chatbot?

Yes, you can customize the look and feel of the digital human chatbot by editing its appearance in the customization tab.

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